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Protecting Your Bay Area Home

Any home is a valued possession, but when you own a home in Stanford, or for that matter in most localities of the San Francisco Bay Area, you have created equity in one of the most preferred residential locations in the country. It's something to be proud of. But when you have a home this special, you need to take special care to protect it, and your family, from risks that could destroy this equity. And no, we are not talking about earthquakes and floods alone, although they are a part of Bay Area living. At Insurance by Allied Brokers, we have been meeting the needs of Stanford and Bay Area homeowners for over 50 years and we know the insurance needs of Bay Area residents like no one else.

When Should You Get Homeowner's Insurance?

Buying a home is a complex matter that takes a lot of time and effort. In the process, the issue of homeowner's insurance often slips through the cracks. Allied Broker's recommends putting insurance high on your purchase checklist and contacting us as soon as your purchase offer is accepted. This way you can plan your insurance without a rush and be sure that everything is in place when the title is in your name. It's terrible to even think of your new home getting damaged as soon as you move in, but its far worse not to have the insurance coverage you need to repair the damage.

How Much Should You Insure For?

A common mistake many people make is to insure their home for the cost they paid for it. For example, if you paid $250,000 for your home, that is often presumed to be the amount it should be insured for. But inflation is a part of life and materials costs can fluctuate a lot. If you need to rebuild your home, what you paid for it some years ago will not cover the cost of new construction. Always insure your home for the replacement cost - what it will take to get your home back to what it was. How do you work this out and balance the extra premium with the extra coverage? Contact Allied Broker's and we will work it all out for you.

What About Your Possessions?

It's easy to take the value of the possessions you have accumulated over the years for granted. Its only when you have to replace them that you realize their value. Most homeowners insurance policies automatically provide for personal property coverage as a percentage of the insured value of the home. If you own a lot of valuable or collectibles, this amount may not be enough to cover your loss. Insurance by Allied Brokers will guide you on how to make an inventory of your possession and how to value them. And if you need extra coverage, we'll arrange that for you. Here too, it the replacement cost that needs to be taken into account, not what you paid for the items being covered.

What About Liability Coverage?

You are safe in your home, but accidents do happen. And if one happens to a visitor, and your negligence is proved (everyone slips up once in a while - literally and figuratively), you will be held liable. And the quantum of liability will be influenced by the assets you possess. Liability coverage will not only indemnify the injured party, it will also pay your legal fees and court costs. It is an essential part of homeowner's insurance. Insurance by Allied Brokers will be able to help you to work out the liability coverage you need.

Complete Homeowner's Insurance Solutions At One Place

Your home is your most valuable asset. There are many risks you cannot guard against. But you can insure against them so that your home can be repaired and rebuilt and your future secured. That's what we have been doing for our clients for over half a century.

For all your home and other insurance needs, Insurance by Allied Brokers offers you the professional and personalized service you require. Visit our website to get an idea about the range of insurance services we offer and the leading insurance companies that we represent. Contact us on phone number (650) 328-1000, fax number (650) 324-1142, or email us at You can also get in touch with us using the Online Contact Form.

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